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Here I am, killing it!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Oh my - diving into the world of content creation, blogs, and running social media accounts is a whole new world I am having fun learning! So what brought about this change?

I have always been crafty and enjoyed it very much. Mostly making wreaths for around the house, some scrapbooking when Quincy was younger, and making her birthday parties epic. I switched to quilting about 5 years ago and really loved it too. Then I tripped upon a Cricut Maker deal and I was instantly obsessed!

Cricut crafting is taking off like wildfire. I love making things with it and the possibilities are endless now that it accesses the internet and isn't limited to only the cartridges you buy for it. (Remember those scrapbooking days everyone?) Everyone's creativity is running wild and its amazing to see what people create.

I also came into contact with Holli Mostella and became one of her Patrons and a member of her paid Facebook group is, to me, the most important perk. It has been such an amazing and uplifting environment full of encouragement. I decided that content creation, to go along with my products, is exactly where I want to be. At the very least I am giving it a try!

So many comments I have seen encouraged me to start making the Cricut Beginner Series videos. These are geared towards the many people who express that they are terrified of getting their machine out of the box even. So it is very detailed and basic to show newbies through basic processes. I get so much enjoyment out of Cricut'ing that I truly don't want anyone to feel intimidated by their machine - because they can get so much enjoyment from it! If you fall into this category, let me help you move forward with creating!

Now of course I still love quilting! As soon as I get this content creation better under control and learned I will be diving more into a balance of the two: Cricut Crafts and Quilting. I would love to develop a monthly quilting box or activity we all participate in - I'm just not sure yet - I have so many thoughts running around in my head! So if you have any ideas of what you would like to see from me, please send me a message or email!

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