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Passion is Everything!

Do you know this already? Because I didn't always.

When you have passion for something, amazing things can happen. You will get to fully dive into and blissfully enjoy exploring this thing it is that you are so passionate about. I swear. It's okay if you don't know what you are most passionate about yet - but if you open your mind and heart you will find the thing and it will be awesome.

For me my passion comes from helping people through social media. I'm awkward in person, over thinking every single thing that I say or do, often keeping me up at night. People tell me I am fine, but it is sheer torture to be in my head after a social outing. It has got better as I have aged and gained confidence and wisdom, but it continues to be a struggle at times.

But online, I can type my response, retype my response, tweak my response, and finally post a response only to be edited several times. I put a lot of thought into it. I give responses my full attention and with ADD that is saying something. I also have tons of conversations in my head. My head is full of constant conversations with people I've never met, or situations that almost were. When I do this my daughter laughs at me because my lips will actually start moving! What a weirdo huh? She's caught me cussing someone out in my head more than a few times.

So yes my passion is helping people through social media. I love social media. I am addicted and not a damned bit afraid to admit it. I hear a lot of people say that SM is a horrible thing and we are losing face to face relationships. And I do agree. But there is also this incredibly positive side to it. We are connecting so many people who would never ever connect without it.

Never. Ever.

It seems everyone can be represented in some way through SM. Crafty people. Political people. Horse people. Baseball people. Keto people. Fandom people. Photography people. Every kind of people.

How completely amazing is that?

My creative side is helping fuel my passion. Creating with my Cricut Maker is a wonderful thing because it allows me to explore and make so many different kinds of things like no other machine. In addition to signs, stickers, and t-shirts I am also a quilter. I think I would enjoy quilting even more if I were helping others learn how to do it. I was terrified to quilt for many years. Finally I took a class with my daughter and we loved it! I would love to develop an online teaching group or class to teach people how to quilt and take that first step they have always wanted to take. And this is what has led me to what I am doing today.

Helping people online.

Making videos for brand new Cricut owners who are afraid to even take it out of the box. I am also working on how I would teach people to quilt as well and if that is something I want to pursue. I vowed to myself that I would give it, at the very least, 1 year to see how it goes. See how I feel at the end of that year. See if others have picked up on that passion and want to follow along on the ride. I hope they do. It might take a little longer and the video editing and such have been a much larger task than I originally thought. But I have really enjoyed it.

If you find you are afraid to get your Cricut out of the box, or try a new technique, or maybe you want to learn to quilt but don't know where to start, then consider this. Just beyond that fear might be a passion just waiting for you to find it. And if it is there, a whole world will open up to you.

Passion is everything.

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