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Saying Goodbye to Summer is Never Easy!

I love Summer.

Adore it.

Treasure it.

Mourn it as it winds down for the year.

I love to look outside and see the green everywhere. I love the flowers, the birds, and when the crickets and frogs are so loud at night it is sometimes deafening. Splashing in the pool and feeling the sun beat down on your skin is just the best feeling. Walking across the concrete and feeling the hot through the soles of your feet. Enjoying the honeysuckle vine that invades from the woods and has overtaken our chain link fence - and I just don't care - let it come. It smells so amazing those few weeks in late Spring when it blooms.

So now it is near the end of August and in the Midwest here we have had record breaking rainfall all Spring and Summer. So that definitely changed up our Summer a bit. But I got to spend a lot of time deciding what I want to do with this hobby of mine. And I've learned so much already.

As I say a teary goodbye to Summer, I am focusing not on Fall so much as I am Halloween. I just love Halloween. So I know it's a bit early to skip straight from Summer to Halloween, but it's the only way my heart can do it without being bitter. Sure I love Fall. But Fall means Winter is Coming (GOT anyone?) and it is my very least favorite season of the year.

My family knows full well I go into the crispness of September kicking and screaming. And all the cussing and hating on Winter as much as possible. But not this year. I will be sad of course, but with all the new creativity that awaits me for the holiday season, and watching others create amazing things, how could one be sad when that lies ahead of them. And why? Why choose to be mad about something that cannot be controlled. It is what I make it and I choose to enjoy it as it comes this year.

Enjoy your last bits of Summer and welcome in Fall. It is going to be amazing.

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