ZenEdgy - Cuss Mandala Tee!

ZenEdgy - Cuss Mandala Tee!

WHOA! What? This cuss mandala is for those who like a bit of snarkiness or edge to their tee!

Zoom in for the cuss words contained in the beauty!  Not everyones cup of tee, (ha ha, see what I did there?) but sometimes it's also just how we feel, so express yourself with this ZenEdgy (my new word!) design!

Price is higher on this tee because the design is a lot more work than most! But it's so worth it

Be ZenEdgy today!

Please inquire for a quote on sizes 2XL - 4XL as they are definitely available!

Colors available are a grey shirt with silver mandala, white shirt with either silver or black mandala.